Crafting Your Dream Career

Kelsey Rowell is the founder of Whole Life Nurse, where she helps other nurses create careers and lives that they love. With less stress, more money and better health.

She’s figured out: it’s not the actual nursing role that makes people hate their jobs, it’s everything that comes with it. The toxic environment and culture, the controlling manager and charge nurses, feeling like you’re walking on eggshells.

If you’re over it, here’s her advice. 

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STR Launch

Bryson Blocker and Inayah McMillan have a new offer called the Zero To Host Challenge. It’s for anyone looking to start or scale a cash-flowing Airbnb business. 

And yes, it’s working right now. Even if you have no experience, own no properties, and have little money to throw at this.

This is a live five-day virtual event where Inayah and Bryson will teach you their “easy approach” to Airbnb arbitrage. 

Read on for my review.

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Preston Facebook

Preston Seo believes the system is designed to make you a good little employee, a middle class minion who maxes out your 401(k) and hopes by the time you’re 65 there’s enough in there to actually retire and maybe golf once a week. If the arthritis in your hands and your bad back allow for it.

Preston rebelled against the system like a bucking bronco. He retired decades ahead of schedule thanks to something called rental arbitrage.

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The Influencer Bootcamp

Christina Galbato is the creator of The Blogger Bootcamp. Not only is blogging not dead, she would argue, but in the age of Instagram and TikTok and AI, it’s more important than ever.

How come?

Algorithms are moody. Your reach is dwindling. Accounts get locked and demonetized and sometimes even banned. ChatGPT won’t save you. A blog will. 

Read on for my review of The Blogger Bootcamp.

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Camron James is your guy if you wanna sell on Amazon FBA without all the costly mistakes.

He’s taken several accounts to 7-figures on Amazon. 

AWA is his personal Amazon mentorship program. His students get results 10 times faster, he says.

Imagine making $10,000 to $30,000 a month on Amazon. Now imagine doing it month after month for years to come. 

Camron can make that a reality for you. Or so he says.

Is this guy the real deal or just another joker in the deck?

This AWA review tells all.

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Abu Fofanah Forbes

Abu Fofanah might have the best last name and calves in all of marketing. He’s the CEO of House of Fofanah and the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator. 

His mission is to help you amplify your business and increase your sales. 

He’s got a soft spot for women and minorities struggling to sell online. 

His Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator will fix that.

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Sheesh. Boyd Clewis over there looking fresher than morning dew on a spring leaf. The tats, the bling.

The Js are clean, the bag’s secured. And how ’bout that fireplace? And decor? Can somebody get this man a feature in the next Architectural Digest issue that comes out?


Boyd swears he can help you land a six figure salary in tech, without certifications, degrees or coding.

Should you believe him? Let’s find out.

By the end of this Baxter Clewis Training Academy review, you’ll have your answer. 

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True Books CPA

Matt Bontrager runs TrueBooks, a CPA firm he partnered with Ryan Pineda on. Now he’s ready to give you the game.

Bookkeeping Blueprint will show you how to build a six figure bookkeeping business in only two hours per day leveraging AI technology. 

No accounting experience necessary. And you won’t have to spend a single cent to get clients. 

Skeptical? So am I. But let’s hear him out, shall we?

Read on for my Bookkeeping Blueprint review.

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Elijah In Park

Elijah Bryant grew up in Staten Island. Only child. Big extended family though. Always lived in an apartment building. Always people above him, below him, to the sides of him. All those personalities in one building. That taught him how to move.

His dad had his own business, making deliveries for high-end clients. Seeing his decaled truck come and go, come and go, made young Elijah proud. 

The seed of entrepreneurship had been planted.

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Eric Spofford doesn’t smile, he glares at the camera like it owes him money. Think I’d rather run a marathon in Crocs with no prior training and Khloe Kardashian’s queefs as my only air supply than owe him money.

Eric wants to show you how to buy your first Section 8 property in 30 days or less.

Section 8 is a federal program that pays the rent for people that are at or below the poverty line. 

Eric acquired 100+ Section 8 homes, remotely, in under six months.

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Team Scalers

Alex Micol makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per month working just 4-5 hours per week.

How? Affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission.

The ultimate lifestyle business because you don’t have to deal with customers.

Which is why you see Alex traveling and skydiving and training MMA and doing just about everything but sit behind his computer all day.

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Meet American swoledier Jesse Dale. He founded MacroMillionaire. They help health and fitness coaches secure the bag, stack the cash, and make it rain dollar dollar bills y’all.

They’ve got grocery lists and meal plans and workouts you can sell to your clients. 

They’ve got a 9-week Challenge Course you can offer. It has guides, eBooks, and all kinds of resources.

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Imperium Agency

Wanna get 20 new high-ticket clients for your agency, coaching or consulting business? In the next 180 days or less? Not only will Charlie Morgan show you how, but he’ll guaran-damn-tee it.

That’s right, if he doesn’t deliver, you get all your money back – plus he’ll give ya an extra $5,000 just for wasting your time.

But, c’mon, can you really take this cat lover serious? Let’s find out.

Read on for my Imperium Agency review.

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Troy Kearns Raptor

Troy Kearns can help you build a cash-flowing rental portfolio – and replace your income – in less time than it takes to get a degree. Ford Raptor sold separately. 

You heard the man. Financial freedom in 1-3 years. That’s his big promise to you. 

Troy’s pretty much done it all in real estate. He started out as an agent before getting into probate, tax liens, wholesaling, flipping, creative and seller financing, even commercial investing. Most impressively, he owns over 200 single family properties with close to zero debt. 

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100K Sales Program

Mike Barron is what you get when Russell Brunson’s playbook falls into the wrong hands.

His specialty? Selling dreams of instant wealth, then bathing in the proceeds. His trophies? Lamborghinis, designer clothes, luxury vacations, and an unending social media feed parading all the above. This, of course, makes it easier for him to sell the next program for even more money – and the cycle perpetuates.

Mike loves to tell you how he went from Section 8 housing to eight figures in revenue – and you can too!

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