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Preston Seo believes the system is designed to make you a good little employee, a middle class minion who maxes out your 401(k) and hopes by the time you’re 65 there’s enough in there to actually retire and maybe golf once a week. If the arthritis in your hands and your bad back allow for it.

Preston rebelled against the system like a bucking bronco. He retired decades ahead of schedule thanks to something called rental arbitrage.

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That’s where you reach out to a landlord who has their property for rent, ask ’em if you can use it as a short-term rental, add furniture and amenities and then launch it on Airbnb.

You get everything in writing and sign a two-year sublease agreement.

Airbnb pays you, you pay the rent to the landlord, right?

And then after all utilities, software, etc., the rest is straight profit.

No way it could be that easy. Dude, Preston hears ya. He thought the same thing at first. But he tried it anyways.

He sunk $26,000 of his own money into a house he found in Arizona:

  • $4,100 went to first month’s rent
  • Another $4,100 went to the security deposit
  • And then the rest went towards furniture and amenities

In month one he did $15,509 in revenue, $9,000 of which was profit. Damn, maybe this is real, he decided.

A few months later he and his partner used the cash flow from that first one to add two more Airbnbs. Within seven months they were making $18k per month in profit.

They did everything remotely by hiring independent contractors and building out processes and systems. Preston only puts in maybe five hours a week.

Good for Preston. Does he want a cookie?

What about you? Are you gonna need $26 Gs to throw at this? Nah, Preston says. If you’ve got $10,000, that’s plenty. You can arbitrage a good-looking property that should do at least $2,500 per month profit on Airbnb.

From there, same as Preston, you can roll that into acquiring more units. In the next 6-12 months you could easily have four listings netting north of $10k a month.

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At FirstAirbnb.com, Preston sells an Airbnb Arbitrage Roadmap coaching program. Cost is normally $6,500, but there’s a discount if you attend his live workshop.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Airbnb Arbitrage Video Course
  • Exclusive AirDNA Nationwide Package for just $1,548 (save $2,040 when you buy through Preston)
  • Personal feedback on your shortlisted properties
  • Private Airbnb Association Community
  • Airbnb Arbitrage Calculator
  • Preston’s Profit Projection Framework
  • Making a Property Airbnb-Ready Checklist
  • One full year of access to all materials and updates

What are students saying?

Kayla Fike wrote that she had just won her first pitch: “Holy moly! I just got a yes from the very first property manager/landlord that I called. It feels amazing! No lease has been signed yet but it still feels good that I was the number one pick despite multiple others viewing the property today.”

Johnny Abarra told how he had just signed a two-year lease with a landlord, paid the deposit, and had been handed the keys. He thinks it’ll cash flow $1,500 per month when it’s all said and done.

Chad Grecsek reported that he was at $10k in gross revenue with good reviews and more bookings on the calendar just two months after joining The Legacy Investing Show.

It all looks promising but in the game of arbitrage, aren’t we in like the bottom of the 8th? I must’ve reviewed 100 other Airbnb courses by now. It’s by far the most promoted biz opp of the past two years.

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