Imperium Acquisition Review

Imperium Agency

Wanna get 20 new high-ticket clients for your agency, coaching or consulting business? In the next 180 days or less? Not only will Charlie Morgan show you how, but he’ll guaran-damn-tee it.

That’s right, if he doesn’t deliver, you get all your money back – plus he’ll give ya an extra $5,000 just for wasting your time.

But, c’mon, can you really take this cat lover serious? Let’s find out.

Read on for my Imperium Agency review.

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Alright, so Charlie has two companies.

Northflow Consulting sells a Gym Growth Accelerator program to help gym owners scale to seven figures. That business does about $100k a month.

Then there’s Imperium Acquisition, which sells a program called EasyGrow that teaches you how to enroll more high-dollar clients. That one’s doing about $500k a month.

He claims it’s all from organic traffic, even though I found him through a YouTube ad.

Nevertheless, Charlie says he’s able to easily scale coaching and agency businesses to multiple seven figures because he knows how to systematize client acquisition.

“I know how to automate the front end of a business, using proven systems for appointment booking and sales,” he brags.

“I have five full time sales reps right now,” he continues, “and we currently book around 1,000 to 2,000 appointments per month. And you can achieve similar results yourself.”

Ya gotta move fast though.

Charlie’s methods are “brand new” and “never seen before.”

Oh, Charlie, you’re not pulling my leg again, are you?

He ignores my question and keeps on pitching.

“What would an extra $10,000 to $50,000 a month do for you?” he asks.

“Because this works. We’ve got more social proof and a better offer than anybody else in the marketplace. We’ve worked with over 550+ coaches, consultants and agency owners. And remember our guarantee: if you don’t sign on clients, we lose money,” Charlie rambles on.

Imperium Labs LTD apparently has 15 different tried and true systems for loading up your calendar like a shopping cart during a Black Friday sale.

Outbound, inbound and paid.

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You sign up. They help you install all 15 systems. You run them. And if your calendar isn’t chock-full of people you can actually close, you don’t pay.

Simple as that.

And these results are possible, Charlie promises, without you having to:

  • Spend money on ads
  • Spam social media
  • Sell your soul to the content devil
  • Slide into DMs with lame copy and paste outreach templates
  • Use bait and switch marketing tactics
  • Do repetitive and boring tasks like cold email
  • Hire an army of VAs and appointment setters
  • Or use any other outdated method that your competition’s using

This isn’t a course or coaching program. You’re paying for systems.

So are you ready to say peace out to feast or famine and hey girl hey to steady growth?

Imagine having multiple channels booking you calls. And not just any calls; people who are the right fit and who have the means to move forward; and they don’t need a week to think it over.

Sounds like a peach of a plan, Charlie, but how much is this gonna set people back?

He never says, but according to a recent Trustpilot review, Imperium Acquisition costs an eye-watering $12,000.

The person who left it said whoever they talked to on the phone sounded like a “robotic idiot” and they basically don’t believe all the other 5-star reviews are genuine, and that it’s “all a scam.”

My perspective? Charlie’s ego is writing checks his reality can’t cash – at least not 100% of the time.

But I doubt he cares.

At $12k a pop, he can afford to cough up a $5k “whoops, my bad” here and there.

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