Cyberpro Solutions LLC

Nicolas Moy got offered a tech position that paid $235,000 a year. Even better, it was remote. And recession-proof. 

When he first got started in tech he had no idea you could make that kinda coin. To break 6-figures he assumed he would have to go be a doctor or a lawyer. Which he actually considered for a minute. 

But then he unlocked the secret to not only a 6-figure career in technology but something that had job security and allowed him to work from home.

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Jonny Powerlifting

Jonny, a former accountant, and Yusef, an ex doctor, teamed up to create Propane Fitness back in 2008. They help clients get leaner and sexier as efficiently as possible. After growing that business to $100k per year, they were able to quit their day jobs.

Propane Business, then, is where they help coaches and trainers get to $3- to $8k per month online.

Their guarantee? Enroll 30 new clients into your online program in the next 12 weeks or they’ll work with you for free until you do. 

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CRE Academy Online

Augie Schmidt looks like he attended an elite private school and participated in yacht club. Like he has about an 11 handicap. Like he prefers his khakis pleated versus flat-front. 

He’s calling all residential real estate agents: if you’re tired of working weekends and settling for itty-bitty $3-, $4-, and $5,000 commission checks, he’s got the fix.

Something about using the same license you already have to jump to 5- and 6-figure commission checks instead.

Read on for my CRE Academy Online review. 

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Elite Mastermind LLC

Anton Anderson has a company called Elite Resource Team that helps advisors just like you learn such a unique value proposition that you will literally have high net worth clients saying, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. They’ll be begging to work with you. 

Here’s how confident they are: if you follow their training and you don’t make an ROI in the next 90 days, you don’t pay. 

How can they make such a crazy guarantee? 

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Michael Elefante went from $0 to $10k per month on Airbnb in his first year. He hadn’t even turned 30 yet. By the end of year two he was at $30k per month. This is after all expenses and mortgages paid. Today, it’s $100k per month.

Jeez. If his last name was Punkb*tch, his first name would be Aintno.

Michael developed a very specific blueprint that allowed him to find the best markets, invest in the most profitable properties, and automate the day-to-day management.

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Eliot Popkin claims he built a $4 million dollar business in 90 says. Using the same ideas, he was able to help over 4,600 business owners to collectively generate more than $150 million in revenue.

No gimmicks, no trends, no munching on magic mushrooms around the clock so you can work insane hours without it feeling like it.

Eliot goes on to admit: I haven’t made $4 million in 90 days, but I had the new biz “professionally evaluated” and that’s what it came back as being worth.

Thought that was a little sneaky. 

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Networking With Amy

Amy Mahjoory has been investing in real estate for 10+ years. During that time she has raised millions of dollars in private money for hundreds of transactions all over the country. 

RPM, raising private money, is her superpower. She can say yes to every opportunity she comes across.

And she doesn’t have to cough up the majority of the profits like she would using hard money.

Good for Amy, right? What’s this gotta do with you?

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Property Scale Up Accelerator

James Murphy lives in the distant dunes of Dubai with wifey and their three littles. When he and bae aren’t busy basking in extravagance you can find him adding to his portfolio of 500+ short-term rentals.

He believes anyone can make $10k to $100k per month with Airbnb without owning a single property. No prior experience necessary.

Why do I feel like everyone who moves to Dubai and posts lifestyle photos to bait you into their expensive coaching program is suspect at best, scamming at worst?  

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Josh Podcast Appearance

Josh Ferrari will help you grow your multifamily investing business to where you’re making at least $15,000 a month. Or work with you for free until you get there.

He’s already done it for 50 other real estate investors. Now it’s your turn.

Josh sounds like he was born on the dealership floor. Like if you bought a car from him he’d also get ya for the extended warranty and the paint protection and the undercoating and the nitrogen-filled tires.

Given his last name you never know. Although the vibe I get is more Chevy.

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Legacy Wealth Academy

Tim Bratz bought $400 million worth of real estate by age 35. What that actually means, nobody knows.

In college Tim had a painting company. He had 12 of his buddies working for him, going around town, touching up and repainting exteriors. This was like ’03 to ’07 when the market was a malfunctioning game at Chuck E. Cheese that just kept spitting out tickets.

So when Tim graduates he decides he’s gonna get into real estate investing. But we know what happens in 2008.

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Jacob Rupp is the owner of He believes you’re less than eight weeks away from at least $8k per month in coaching or consulting income. Pretty presumptuous, isn’t it?

Nah, says Jacob. You have knowledge, you have expertise, you just don’t understand how valuable it is. So you stay small, you avoid risk, you undersell yourself.

But you know you’re doing this. Your potential is way up there and you’re way down here and that sucks.

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Real Estate Marketing And Consulting

Prab Mangat has the best side hustle anyone can start this year: real estate marketing and consulting or REMC for short.

It’s the process of partnering up with real estate agents and helping them generate leads online.

Why wouldn’t they get their own leads? They’re busy. Like really really busy doing a million other things. They’d rather have an expert do it for them.

That’s where you come in, Prab suggests.

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Austin Zaback closes 1-2 wholesale deals a day. And that’s without co-wholesaling or splitting deals. He’s sold over 2,500 houses totaling more than $1 billion in transactions.

No wonder he drives a cherry-red Urus and has plenty of pictures featuring turquoise water.

If you wanna get started investing in real estate or you’re already in the game but wanna get better, Austin says he’s your guy. 

Read on for my Flippin Simple review.

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Flowrish Studios

Ariel Renee is a lash specialist and educator based out of Toronto, Canada. She’s the cofounder of Flowrish Lashes and the creator of Lash Unlocked, where she’ll show ya how to become a lash professional and make up to $10k a month working from home and setting your own hours. 

Ariel has already helped countless women quit their jobs, live out their dreams of becoming a lash artist, and make great money on their own terms.

Will you be next? Read on for my Lash Unlocked review.

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Epic Voyage Inc

Eric Anthony Winkler couldn’t get past $10k per month in his business despite grinding out 60-hour weeks. He was overwhelmed and burnt out and nothing was working.

He was reading self-development books, going to seminars, buying courses, and still, his side hustle wouldn’t budge. 

Surely the answer was out there. Instagram said so.

Eric saw gobs of entrepreneurs making stupid amounts of money and they seemed like they were hardly working at all. Like their businesses spit out profits while they traveled and shopped and ate and played and slept and slept around.

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