Zack Boothe is the creator of the Driving For Dollars Mastery system. Wait, who would wanna master that? Not me. Not even after Zack reveals he’s made millions doing it.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. 

Maybe you’re desperate to start making money in real estate, and you’re not against driving for dollars.

If that’s the case, read every word of this Driving For Dollars Mastery review.

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4F Real Estate Investing System

Van Sturgeon was born and raised in Chicago. He built a successful general contracting business before switching to real estate investing.

Now he’s got about 1,200 doors scattered throughout four different states. Obviously, with his background, he’s done tons of renovations. 

His courses and mastermind will help you nail the four Fs of real estate investing: find, fund, fix, and flip.

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Natalie Hodson Flowers

Natalie Hodson says, if you woulda told her nine years ago that she was gonna have a successful online business selling digital products? She probably woulda spit her pumpkin spice latte all over the place, unable to contain her laughter, because, seriously, digital products were like a foreign language to her.

Natalie was a history major in college. She admits, she’s not good at most things.

Maybe you can relate?

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Abbie Reading Book

Are you anything like Abbie Emmons? Do you have tons of notes about your story? Outlines, plots, scene cards, character profiles, research notes, pieces of dialogue – and the list goes on, right?

How do you put it all together in one place? And organize it in a coherent way? So you always have exactly what you need at your fingertips?

Abbie’s got one word for ya: Scrivener. 

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Travel Blogging Coaching Program

Laura Peters is the better half of Mike and Laura Travel, which is just what it sounds like: a travel blog she runs with her husband, Mike.

They also have a course called Scale Your Travel Blog, which I’ll review now.

Okay, cost is $2,497. (Or you can do six monthly installments of $427.)

Laura admits: they make about 10 times more selling this program (along with their Travel Blogging Summit Live Event) than they do from their actual travel blog.

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Garr Owner

Garr Russell is the head honcho at Fireside RV Rental. Seven years ago he was trying to figure out what to do with this camper he had bought his wife.

You see, they were on a camping trip in the middle of the summer. It was hot as balls. His wife was pregnant – and therefore, miserable.

“I’m over it. Let’s go home,” she said.

Garr was bummed. Here he’d spent all this money on a new RV, and now he had to go home – and, what, park it in the drive?

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Alex Pujji is the founder and CEO of Right Left Agency. Her first year as an agency owner, she made more than she did at her full-time job. Not only that, but she worked fewer hours, visited nine different countries, and got to kick it with her friends and family whenever she wanted.

Good for Alex, right? What’s this gotta do with you?

Well, Right Left Agency helps small businesses and startups scale through SEO, social media, and online advertising. And now they’re offering franchise ownership for anyone who wants to leave the nine-to-five life behind for good.

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Whitney Uland is an actor, writer and certified life coach. She’s here to help you feel better and go after your creative ambitions.

More specifically, how to tap into your “celebrity energy” so you can show up as the most authentic version of you. This is where you’re unafraid of the spotlight, of being judged, of haters, of failure and repercussions. It’s when you stop living your life from a state of fear and choose abundance instead. You believe in yourself. You know your voice matters. 

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Kyle Milligan runs Copy Squad, where he sells all sorts of little info products designed to turn newbie copywriters into seven-figure copywriting machines.

A good place to start? Email copywriting.

It’s a lot simpler than, say, banging out a 6,000-word sales page (or the VSL equivalent), only to have it bomb harder than a botched bro hug. And that’s assuming you can get someone to pay you for it in the first place – what with tumbleweeds blowing through your portfolio and all – right?

Emails are much easier to write and get hired on for when you have no track record.

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Tracy Matthews is the creator of Flourish and Thrive Academy, which sells proven and tested jewelry business courses, coaching, and consulting.

She’s been designing and slinging jewelry herself for the past 27+ years.

One of her jewelry companies did multiple six figures a year in sales; and another one did seven.

“Today I teach independent jewelry designers, makers, and product creatives how to build profitable online businesses of their own.”

Read on for my review.

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Jon Jasniak must be swimming in cash to rock those Yeezys in a dirty, dusty field.

Speaking of which, dude’s done more than 500 land deals – worth over $10 million dollars – all before turning 30.

Jon grew up in Michigan, went to Texas Tech for engineering, got out, got a job, hated it.

One night, after a grueling 10-hour shift, he’s listening to this podcast about land investing, right? Ends up buying the guy’s course. Then another course. He really just wanted to find one small deal to start with.

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STR Accelerator Academy

Matt Hays is a God-fearing man, amazing wife, four wonderful, beautiful children. His hobbies include work, work, more work, and spending time on the water and in the mountains with his family and close friends. 

Ten years ago he was busting his hump working three jobs. After his 9-5, he’d head to Buffalo Wild Wings to work as a line cook, and then after that he’d go detail cars. 

I could sure go for 10 boneless wings, medium, with two containers of blue cheese to dunk those puppies in. 

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Morgan Gist MacDonald started off as a Sociologist, working in academia. But she soon felt the urge to use her skills as a researcher, writer, teacher, and leader to start her own publishing company from scratch.

That’s how Paper Raven Books came to be. They work together with authors to create top-quality, bestselling books. So far, they’ve completed over 100 books in different genres like nonfiction, memoir, and fiction.

What’s it like to work with them? How much does it cost?

Read on for my review.

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Keaton Boating

Keaton Hoskins, aka The Muscle, starred in a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel called Diesel Brothers. Basically, he and his buddies would repair and customize pickup trucks, engage in various shenanigans, and the camera would follow ’em around.

When Keaton was 21, his dad passed away. This acted as a catalyst, unlocking Keaton’s thirst for freedom and adventure.

His attitude: I’m only gonna do the things in life I wanna do; can’t nobody tell me nothin’.

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Travis King buys and sells land. He also teaches other investors how to buy and sell land.

He’s flipped land in 29 states and has done over 400 transactions personally and more than 100 JV deals with his mentorship students.

He had been a house investor, until the ’08 crash wiped him out like a tsunami hitting a sandcastle.

For the next five years, he dinked around with side hustles, but nothing really took off.

Then he stumbled across land flipping, which he and his wife Becca have been doing ever since.

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