Macro Millionaire Review


Meet American swoledier Jesse Dale. He founded MacroMillionaire. They help health and fitness coaches secure the bag, stack the cash, and make it rain dollar dollar bills y’all.

They’ve got grocery lists and meal plans and workouts you can sell to your clients. 

They’ve got a 9-week Challenge Course you can offer. It has guides, eBooks, and all kinds of resources.

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There’s a handy-dandy app clients can use to track their calories and macros and access any goodies they bought.

And then there’s their group coaching model. Your clients would get everything above in addition to check-ins and weekly small group mentoring sessions held over Zoom.

“Most people would want the accountability of this option,” Jesse says.

“And they’re just gonna roll with it, and sign up for group coaching,” he continues. “We suggest you charge $249 a month, minimum. So every four clients you bring in is gonna be $1,000 into your pocket each and every month.”

They also hook you up with marketing campaigns, lead generation strategies, and client onboarding tools.

But wait, there’s more (ways to make money)!

The fourth and final profit center Macro Millionaire provides is their referral program.

“So often we get asked the question, how do I do what you do?” Jesse explains. “When that happens, you can just refer those people into Macro Millionaire by entering our profit share program.”

How much will you make per signup?

It’s currently set to $250 per referral. That may go up over time.

“But once you’ve built your nutrition coaching program to a healthy bottom line,” Jesse adds, “such as $10,000 or more per month? We’re gonna wanna coach and teach you advanced investment strategies, tax mitigation strategies, and look at potentially becoming a business development coach where you’re on our staff helping other coaches just like yourself to get started and reach financial and time freedom.”

What’s it cost to be a part of this?

Book a call to confirm, but it looks like anywhere from $199 per month, on up to $7,500 now and then $299 per month after six months, depending on the level you join at.

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Alright, here goes. Their app? Gave me the vibes of a mid-90s website – not exactly fresh or chic.

And the resources they provide for you to sell to your clients? About as exciting as off-brand cereal. In this day and age, where superior options are as plentiful as stars in the sky, why would anyone pay for some half-baked PDFs?

Also, their approach appears to be “Throw everything at the wall, see what sticks.” It’s like, “Look, we have this, and that, and oh, this too!” With such a catchy brand name, Macro Millionaire – and considering countless bros and brosephinas are obsessed with their macros – why not hone in on that? Specialize. Wouldn’t that make it easier to market and sell and probably even charge more for?

Sure, their coaching and accountability has a certain appeal, but I’d pay my favorite fitness influencer for that – not some random person who teamed up with Macro Millionaire.

Last, is it just me or does it feel like the primary goal here is to have you recruit and move up the MM ladder?

I don’t wanna sound like a jerk here. Jesse seems like a stand-up guy who’s poured his heart into building this company.

But here’s the bitter truth:

Fitness coaches are as common as bad Tinder dates. There’s always gonna be someone with a prettier face, better abs, bigger biceps, a booty that stops traffic when it wobbles – whatever it is, right? And, sure enough, they’ll have more followers, a glitzier app, and top notch programs.

How do you compete with that?

Yeah, Macro Millionaire might give you products to peddle – but this isn’t the kiddie pool, sweetheart. It’s a sea filled with sharks, and ya gotta be more than good – you’ve gotta be exceptional to make it.

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