Boyd Clewis Reviews


Sheesh. Boyd Clewis over there looking fresher than morning dew on a spring leaf. The tats, the bling.

The Js are clean, the bag’s secured. And how ’bout that fireplace? And decor? Can somebody get this man a feature in the next Architectural Digest issue that comes out?


Boyd swears he can help you land a six figure salary in tech, without certifications, degrees or coding.

Should you believe him? Let’s find out.

By the end of this Baxter Clewis Training Academy review, you’ll have your answer. 

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Within the next 90 days you could have a recession-proof tech career that pays you at least $100k per year and allows you to work from the comfort of your own home, Boyd claims.

And yes, it’s a volatile time in the world right now. You’re wondering:

  • Are we in a recession?
  • Is a recession coming?
  • Will things get worse?
  • Am I secure in my current position?
  • What about my investments?
  • The value of my home?
  • Is real estate about to crash?

Who knows. It’s like trying to find the bathroom in the dark, arms out in front of your face in case you smack into a wall. Right?

But what if Boyd flipped the light on for ya?

Imagine: earning six figures in tech with no college degree or silly certifications.

All you hafta do is learn the special framework top companies need (but struggle to find) qualified candidates for. Set yourself apart with this one particular skill, Boyd says, and the best employers will be lining up to hire you.

We’re talkin’:

  • Tesla
  • Google
  • American Airlines
  • And other Fortune 500 companies

They have thousands of job openings to fill and only a kiddie pool of applicants to choose from. Which I’m pretty sure Presley just peed in it.

But yeah.

Boyd Clewis can show you how to snag one of these dream jobs in less than 90 days.

  • Calls himself a six figure tech career coach.
  • Featured in NBC, ABC, Forbes, and CBS.
  • Cofounded Baxter Clewis Training Academy.
  • Doesn’t know how to code or hack.
  • Never went to college.
  • No framed certificates hanging in his home office.

And yet, biggity Boyd still managed to score a six figure tech gig.

IT Cybersecurity
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But Boyd eventually realized his true passion was helping others do what he’d done. (Code for: I make so much money selling this course I’ll never hafta work again.)

Boyd (and whoever Baxter is) have already mentored 700+ students.

You can be next.

The tech world is growing at an exponential rate. It ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

But not every tech job is stable and lucrative. You have to specialize and be smart about your strategy, and so the first domino to tip over is training and mentorship.

Baxter Clewis Training Academy will equip you with the skills, confidence and game plan you need to attract a six figure salary in the tech space.

You’ll get your own success coach to set goals with you, work with you each week, and hold you accountable for your achievements.

No wonder the average Baxter Clewis grad goes on to make $110,000 or more each year, Boyd brags.

Are you ready to be the next IT professional to revolutionize their career, he wants to know?

If so, then apply to schedule your call today.

But wait, what about cost?

According to some angry Trustpilot reviewers, they charge a certain amount for their Accelerator program and then “a whole lot more” for their Bootcamp later on.

This one chick called the operation “a big scam.”

Said Boyd’s “never even worked in PCI DDS.” Alleges this is all one big con, preying on those desperate to get into cybersecurity.

Plus, most of the testimonials are from people on payroll at Baxter Clewis, she wrote, essentially crab walking a Hummer EV all over Boyd’s reputation.

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