Abu Fofanah Review

Abu Fofanah Forbes

Abu Fofanah might have the best last name and calves in all of marketing. He’s the CEO of House of Fofanah and the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator. 

His mission is to help you amplify your business and increase your sales. 

He’s got a soft spot for women and minorities struggling to sell online. 

His Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator will fix that.

Read on for my Abu Fofanah review.

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Abu’s course will help you build skills such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Campaign development
  • Marketing development
  • Customer journey
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Paid media
  • And much much more

He’s been doing this stuff for over 10 years. He’s trained Fortune 500 and 100 companies. He’s peeked behind the curtain of many big businesses.

Over the last few years Abu has trained more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across dozens of different industries. If Abu was any more Him, his address would be in the Himisphere.

Let’s hear from the man himself, shall we?

“We teach you how to critically think,” Abu says.

“We don’t teach you how to just do something once,” he continues.

“It’s more, how do you think about it when I’m not over your shoulder? Right?”

“How do you think about it when you’re starting another business and it has nothing to do with the business you had three years ago?”

“And how can you be effective if you don’t have much money to launch with?”

“That’s one of the biggest misconceptions people have about marketing and selling their products and services online. They think you need a lot of money. You don’t,” Abu says.

You can start with just $5 or $10 a day. Get your first few sales. Dial it up, and go from there.

That’s what Abu did. He was a broke college kid, scraped together $100, ran ads, doubled down. Soon he was spending $1,000 a month, then $10,000.

No different than growing a trading account, is it? Begin where you are, make incremental gains, try not to go backwards. Keep chipping away.

Before you know it, you’ll have an impressive budget to scale with.

Just ask Abu’s students. They’ve collectively done $54 million in sales, and counting.

That’s the number that fires Abu up.

He’s always asking, How do we do more of that? How do we get more wins for our Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator members?

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Abu did $5 million in sales last year spending only an hour a week on marketing.

Copy his moves inside the Power Your Launch Accelerator, where you’ll discover how to:

  • Run effective marketing campaigns
  • Target your customers
  • Write better copy
  • Get your time back
  • Position your offer
  • And build a framework and funnel to convert leads into sales

“I understand where you’re at in your business,” Abu promises.

“You’re trying to figure out what should you be doing, what steps that you need to take; and inside our curriculum, we’re gonna show you everything that you need to know.”

“So here’s my question to you: If this sounds like something that you know you need right now, what’s stopping you?”

“Join the Accelerator and I’m really looking forward to working alongside you as we transform your business and ultimately give you all of your time back,” Abu pitches.

Cost is $1,797.

No refunds under any circumstance.

You get 12 months of access to all the videos, any updates, a private Facebook Group, weekly coaching calls, templates, exercises, workbooks, and more. After that, you can pony up for ongoing access or get to stepping.

Who is this not a good fit for?

If you don’t have a product or service you feel good about? This ain’t for you. Also, if you’d rather get free traffic – from SEO and social media and whatnot? Better look elsewhere, amigo.

Guess I’m out.

I like my margins like I like my girls: BBW. So I’ll just keep ranking in Google, where sales are free.

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