Epic Voyage Review

Epic Voyage Inc

Eric Anthony Winkler couldn’t get past $10k per month in his business despite grinding out 60-hour weeks. He was overwhelmed and burnt out and nothing was working.

He was reading self-development books, going to seminars, buying courses, and still, his side hustle wouldn’t budge. 

Surely the answer was out there. Instagram said so.

Eric saw gobs of entrepreneurs making stupid amounts of money and they seemed like they were hardly working at all. Like their businesses spit out profits while they traveled and shopped and ate and played and slept and slept around.

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Meanwhile Eric’s over there sulking, feeling completely stuck. Then one day it hit him like a pop fly he lost in the sun.

You see, back in 2014, he was in Thailand studying with a Buddhist monk who taught him a mindset hack that cured his debilitating anxiety. On top of that, while working his 6-figure tech job, he had discovered all these business systems that were helping them grow to billions of dollars, right?

Well, what if I combine both of those things, he realized. Maybe then I could shatter this glass ceiling.

“Sure enough, after testing it out,” Eric says, “I knew I was onto something huge.”

“It was a secret formula that helped me skyrocket past $10k months, putting my plateau behind me for good. I was even able to purchase a $1.3 million dollar condo in Miami which nets me 5-figures of income just as a rental property,” he brags.

Now Eric travels the world as a digital nomad, teaching his so-called Structural Recalibration Method to anyone else who wants to follow suit.

“This is the exact system that I’ve used to help dozens of CEOs and entrepreneurs break through their plateaus and achieve wild levels of success,” Eric says.

Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Write down the problem you’re solving for people in your business. Make sure it’s very clear what you do to solve that problem or you won’t go far.
  2. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. What do they do with their time? How can you find them online via social media?
  3. Reach out, have conversations, build rapport, show them you can help them.
  4. Get them on a call and close them into your program, assuming they’re a good fit.
  5. Fulfill. Amaze them. Collect testimonial. Rinse and repeat.

Okay, makes sense. So I guess it’s sorta like life coaching then?

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Your Epic Voyage has a few different coaching programs and masterminds you can choose from if you’d like to pursue this business model. No prices are listed on Eric’s website but these types of things are usually $5k and up.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discover a proven way to build resistance towards negative thoughts. This will make space for you to become more confident.
  • Learn powerful meditation and visualization techniques to 10x your income.
  • Develop your own life coaching side hustle and grow it as big as you want.

Eric has about a dozen Epic Voyage testimonials. They all seem happy with their experience so far but it doesn’t sound like anyone’s actually making any money.

For example, Tiffany is a medical professional. She likes her job but wants more, so she signed up for Eric’s group coaching. Her feedback so far? “I’m on the path to figuring out what I want to do,” she says. “But being involved with this has been so uplifting and the positive energy has been super contagious.”

Then there’s Barry. He had a successful fitness bootcamp that he had grown to multiple locations, sold that business, decided to get into filmmaking. When Eric added him on Instagram, Barry figured everything happens for a reason, right, so he enrolls in Epic Voyage.

He’s five weeks in and says it’s been phenomenal thus far. He’s learning to say no, setting boundaries, no longer people pleasing.

And it’s just more of the same from there. “Oh, it’s been transformative. I’m experiencing an internal metamorphosis.”

Hippie-dippy hogwash, if you ask me.

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