FlippinSimple Review


Austin Zaback closes 1-2 wholesale deals a day. And that’s without co-wholesaling or splitting deals. He’s sold over 2,500 houses totaling more than $1 billion in transactions.

No wonder he drives a cherry-red Urus and has plenty of pictures featuring turquoise water.

If you wanna get started investing in real estate or you’re already in the game but wanna get better, Austin says he’s your guy. 

Read on for my Flippin Simple review.

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OneRoof Real Estate is Austin’s real estate investing company. He has 64 employees.

He also has a pretty popular podcast where he’s interviewed some of the top wholesalers in the nation, such as Brent Daniels from Wholesaling Inc and Jamil Damji from AstroFlipping.

He’s been mentored by the Clever Investor, Cody Sperber. He even bought Cody’s old Lambo back in the day.

But life wasn’t always warm peach cobbler with whipped cream on top. Austin grew up in his grandparents’ garage. When he joined the workforce he did construction and AC repair and other blue collar jobs, always chasing that next paycheck.

Naturally, when he got into real estate, he had no money, no followers and no clue what he was doing.

Somehow he figured it out. And now he wants to teach you what he’s learned over the years.

Here’s an overview of Austin’s approach.

Step 1 is to zig when everyone else zags. While every other wholesaler is out there co-wholesaling and daisy-chaining deals, you want a no-split strategy so you can control the process and keep all the profit. To do this, Austin explains, you have to leverage private relationships and agents.

Step 2 then is to build those key relationships. How? You must be able to professionally communicate and present value to the individual and you must have a templated offer framework to maximize your offer output. Remember, where a retail buyer might buy a house from an agent once every 5-7 years, shoot, you can buy from ’em monthly, weekly, daily. There’s your value. Now streamline your offers and deal flow will never be a problem ever again.

Austin Urus Scottsdale AZ
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But now you need to be able to close these deals over and over to multiply your business, right?

So that takes us to Step 3, duplicating your deals by creating repeat sources. Guess what, your private relationships and agents can bring you buyers as well. Most investors get so caught up on the acquisition side, even when they get a property under contract they can’t flip it. So they either walk away with nothing or bring in another wholesaler who has a buyer and chop the profit. Austin has an automated follow-up system that’ll ensure your relationships are feeding you buyers in addition to sellers.

You might think, yeah cool Austin, but I don’t know where to meet these people or how to get on their good side let alone implement all these fancy systems.

Well that’s where FlippinSimple comes in. Here’s what all ya get:

  • Austin’s entire no-split wholesale strategy which allows you to keep every penny of your hard-earned deal.
  • His templated offer framework so you can send an inhumane number of offers each day.
  • His auto follow-up system which is like a fountain of youth for lucrative deals.
  • All of his scripts so you’re never tongue-tied in front of these people.
  • Zoom calls with Austin to support you along the way.

Cost for all that? He doesn’t say. Submit an app to find out.

Personally, I would have no interest in nonstop networking though. Thankfully, with digital real estate, there’s no need for that.

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