Eliot Popkin Review


Eliot Popkin claims he built a $4 million dollar business in 90 says. Using the same ideas, he was able to help over 4,600 business owners to collectively generate more than $150 million in revenue.

No gimmicks, no trends, no munching on magic mushrooms around the clock so you can work insane hours without it feeling like it.

Eliot goes on to admit: I haven’t made $4 million in 90 days, but I had the new biz “professionally evaluated” and that’s what it came back as being worth.

Thought that was a little sneaky. 

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Eliot calls his approach The 10-Step Pause and Pivot System. Think of each step as a pillar that supports your business. Here are the steps:

  1. Focus. This is the most important pillar that’ll only grow in significance as time goes on. So, what does your business do? Who do you serve? Countless businesses have made it to 7-figures with just one offer, one marketing platform, and full focus.
  2. Delegation. If you try to do it all you will burn out. You need to let go.
  3. Brainstorming. Taking the time each week to think about new ideas, what you really wanna build, where you’re headed, or even just to be creative.
  4. Financial Clarity. Know your numbers. Live and die by them because your business certainly will.
  5. Overworking and Controlling Boss. Look in the mirror. Are you trying to do too much as the owner? By not working as much and enjoying your life, Eliot believes you can make the same or more.
  6. Pivoting. The new ideas you’re coming up with and the data you’re collecting are useless if you’re unwilling to change course a bit.
  7. The 80/20 Principle. Pareto’s Law says 80% of your success will come from 20% of your efforts. Identify the 20% and double down on that.
  8. Undertraining. Giving your team less guidance will have a direct impact on pivoting, harnessing 80/20, delegating, burnout, and even your focus.
  9. Hiring Professionals. Finding experts in each area of your business to produce quality work.
  10. Your Environment. Creating a workspace that’s calm and clean and abundant.

While none of this is bad advice it’s as bland as grits without salt or butter.

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“As you can see,” Eliot says, “these 10 pillars are not only key ideas and good reminders to run your business with, they all work together in synchronicity, to help you build a great business.”

“They all worked together to help me build a $4.05 million dollar business in just 90 days,” he adds with a creepy grin.

So what’s the business Eliot? If this is the hook you used to get us here, don’t we deserve to know? You could at least give us an idea. Is it ecom? A digital marketing agency? Coaching? Consulting? How much revenue have you done? How much of it was profit? Who exactly gave you that impressive $4.05 million dollar valuation? Or did you just kinda make all that up?

Eliot ignores my questions.

If any of the 10 pillars are missing, the business could buckle under its own weight, he rambles.

So make sure and implement all 10, live within them, nurture them as your business grows.

Blah blah blah, book a call with Eliot and he’ll help you “build your game plan.”

In typical Eliot fashion he doesn’t state the catch or the cost.

Everyone who watches this presentation will walk away with blue balls.

This guy doesn’t look or sound successful. I thought he was annoying and misleading and vague. Whatever he’s trying to sell, I could say no in every language and it still wouldn’t be enough.

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