Ferrari Capital Review

Josh Podcast Appearance

Josh Ferrari will help you grow your multifamily investing business to where you’re making at least $15,000 a month. Or work with you for free until you get there.

He’s already done it for 50 other real estate investors. Now it’s your turn.

Josh sounds like he was born on the dealership floor. Like if you bought a car from him he’d also get ya for the extended warranty and the paint protection and the undercoating and the nitrogen-filled tires.

Given his last name you never know. Although the vibe I get is more Chevy.

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I’m not saying Josh is full of it but there’s just something about his delivery I don’t trust.

I feel like I’m about to overpay for a Silverado and have the check engine light come on as soon as I drive off the lot. Or like he should be shaking hands and kissing babies and promising to lower taxes and create more jobs.

But let’s get into it.

Josh claims you won’t have to spend any of your own money to do your first multifamily deal and reach $15k per month.

In his Ferrari Capital course he teaches a really simple 3-step process:

  1. Lay the foundation to scale by building out an efficient deal sourcing pipeline.
  2. Raise millions of dollars in 30 days or less.
  3. Streamline operations so you don’t work yourself to death or lose investors’ cash.

Plus you’ll get the exact tools and systems Ferrari Capital uses internally which allows Josh to work only 15 hours a week overseeing their $65 million dollar portfolio.

Josh’s funnel looks awfully similar to the one Cole Gordon originally used to sell his Remote Closing Academy program. Cole made millions and millions and millions of dollars with that funnel, so you might argue, “So what? He’s just modeling what works.”

But then his pitch is borrowed from someone else too. Not sure who came up with it originally but I’ve heard it so many times now I could literally finish Josh’s sentences.

Always cracks me up when the next generation of gurus are either too stupid or too lazy to put their own spin on things.

Brick Apartment Building
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Case in point:

“Now, how can we make such a bold, promise-driven offer like this?” Josh asks, as if he didn’t steal the line from some other douche who stole it from some other douche who stole it from the original douche.

It’s simple, he explains, just have a look at our track record.

Then he shares a few quick student wins we’re just supposed to blindly believe:

  • Luke started from a single family flip and closed his first multifamily deal in less than three months of joining. He raised over $16 million in month one. And he just put a 1,200-unit deal under contract.
  • Kristoff went from zero experience to closing 215 units in his first eight months. He quit his day job.
  • Eric enrolled with only a fourplex under his belt. He quickly raised $4.5 million and secured 60 units since working with Josh and company.

If that’s all you need to hear, book a call with me or my team, Josh says, following the script to a T. And remember, he says, we don’t have any incentive to sell ya. Because if you don’t get results we have to keep working with you for free until you do.

Y’ain’t gotta be Doogie Howser to know that guarantee is worthless.

No one wants to keep working with you if you don’t deliver, Josh, they just want their money back. It’s called a refund.

Ferrari Capital Multifamily Mastermind could cost a dollar and it would be a dollar too much based on what I just sat through.

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