Flourish And Thrive Academy Review


Tracy Matthews is the creator of Flourish and Thrive Academy, which sells proven and tested jewelry business courses, coaching, and consulting.

She’s been designing and slinging jewelry herself for the past 27+ years.

One of her jewelry companies did multiple six figures a year in sales; and another one did seven.

“Today I teach independent jewelry designers, makers, and product creatives how to build profitable online businesses of their own.”

Read on for my review.

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Tracy’s been a creative since she was a munchkin. At age six, she was drawing wedding dresses, dreaming of the day people would gush over her design skills.

Eventually her fascinations switched to jewelry.

She ended up enrolling in a jewelry fabrication class, and then launched her first business – which, truth by told, was more like a hobby at the time. She would make jewelry for friends and family, her heart bursting with joy upon seeing their reactions to her custom pieces.

This is what I wanna do with my life, she thought.

So, when she was in her 20s, Tracy quit her job in retail and went all-in on Tracy Matthews Designs.

Almost three decades and $8 million in jewelry sales later, here we are.

But the journey wasn’t all roses and champagne. Tracy made her fair share of mistakes. Even hit rock bottom.

When the recession came in ’08, despite netting over $1 million the year prior, Tracy’s entire business was reduced to rubble in a single month. Next thing ya know, her bank account balance was negative two dollars and two cents.

“I had to make a decision,” Tracy recalls.

“Fight like hell for the business I worked so hard to build, or shut down and file for bankruptcy. I chose the latter and it was one of the roughest periods of my life. Financially, mentally, and physically,” she adds.

“That being said, I am no stranger to business challenges.”

“I’ve been through pretty much all of the growing pains and all of the stages. I know exactly what it takes to build a jewelry business from the ground up – that not only fulfills you creatively but fills your bank account with the kind of money that supports the lifestyle that you crave,” she says.

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Post-pandemic, it’s never been more essential to bring your business online.

Tracy can be your compass, leading you to consistently profitable months.

Or you could just wing it.

But with the online selling scene resembling a crowded subway at rush hour, good luck grabbing the attention you deserve.

“The truth is,” Tracy says, “if you wanna have a business that stands out, attracts the right people, and actually gets those people to spend their hard-earned money? You have to have a system and a strategy that is efficient and effective.”

Problem is, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to grow your jewelry business on the internet.

It’s overwhelming, confusing, and leaves a lot of creatives feeling like a driver without a destination, unsure of which way to turn.

And that’s why the Flourish & Thrive Academy exists: to help you make a great living doing what you love, while putting more beauty out into the world. Minus the stress and struggle Tracy had to endure over the years.

Sounds sweet. So which of her programs should you buy?

You’ve got a menu of choices.

There’s Tracy’s book, The Desired Brand Effect, up for grabs on Amazon at just $19.99.

You could choose the “How to Start a Jewelry Business” mini-course, costing $197.

You might consider the “Laying The Foundation” course, designed to help you reach the six-figure mark, offered at $1,995.

And for the ambitious ones, there’s the “Momentum Growth Accelerator,” with the goal of pushing you towards multiple six or potentially seven-figure income (application only, no price indicated).

Or for something less cutthroat with profit margins that would make a gourmet chef salivate, tap the button below.

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