Paper Raven Books Review


Morgan Gist MacDonald started off as a Sociologist, working in academia. But she soon felt the urge to use her skills as a researcher, writer, teacher, and leader to start her own publishing company from scratch.

That’s how Paper Raven Books came to be. They work together with authors to create top-quality, bestselling books. So far, they’ve completed over 100 books in different genres like nonfiction, memoir, and fiction.

What’s it like to work with them? How much does it cost?

Read on for my review.

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“Publishing a book can dramatically grow your business, expand your reach, and give broader visibility to your message,” Morgan says.

“You’ve seen other people write and publish a book. And suddenly they’re being featured everywhere. They’ve got clients, speaking gigs, connections with peers – and it all seems like it happened so quickly,” she continues.

You know all of this is possible when you release a book with your name on the spine. But when it comes down to it, how do you actually write and publish a book?

Last thing you wanna do is just crank out a long blog post, slap a cover on it, and chuck it onto Amazon for a measly 99 cents, correct?

You’re looking to create a bona fide book – a captivating, influential piece that commands attention on any bookshelf.

Well, Paper Raven Books must be wearing Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones – ’cause they hear you loud and clear. They’ll be by your side every step of the way, from writing the first draft, to editing the finished manuscript, publishing, promoting, the whole deal.

Okay, but why Paper Raven Books? What makes them so special? Morgan points to their team of independent experts.

“We’ve each worked at an area of traditional publishing or self-publishing or design or marketing or project management,” she explains.

“When we bring in your book to our team? We create a vision for how your book will serve you and what it’ll look like when it’s published. And we all stick to that vision throughout the whole process. From proofreading to choosing fonts to cover design,” she adds.

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Paper Raven Books understands that you’ve got a larger vision for what you’re creating here. You probably wanna serve clients, speak on stages, host workshops and retreats, or maybe even bang out an entire series of books.

They’ll ensure this book is a solid cornerstone of your broader business goals.

But they’re here for you as an individual too. The journey of writing a book can be intimidating and often puzzling. They’re equipped to assist with not just the intellectual, but also the emotional aspects of this voyage.

Does this sound like you?

You wanna maintain your own creative vision, full legal rights, and 100% of the royalties from your book.

You’ve got an eye for quality and hold a high standard for anyone you work with. They gotta know their stuff, be responsive and collaborative.

This book you’re itching to publish is the launchpad for becoming a well-respected author, growing your readership, and turning up your income.

If this rings true, Morgan invites you to schedule a call with the PRB team – and find out if y’all can play nice together.

What’s it gonna cost?

Just for the application call, it’s $100.

But that’s fully refundable – if you decide not to move forward. Or, if you do, it’ll be a credit towards working together.

As for that – the cost cost – you’re looking at anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000, depending on how much hand holding you’ll need. Yes, payment plans are available.

But by the beard of Zeus, that’s a wallet-busting amount! I think I’ll stick to writing yo-momma-so-fat jokes on this blog. Costs me nothing and I make a lot more than the average author.

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