Abundant Artist Coaching Review


Whitney Uland is an actor, writer and certified life coach. She’s here to help you feel better and go after your creative ambitions.

More specifically, how to tap into your “celebrity energy” so you can show up as the most authentic version of you. This is where you’re unafraid of the spotlight, of being judged, of haters, of failure and repercussions. It’s when you stop living your life from a state of fear and choose abundance instead. You believe in yourself. You know your voice matters. 

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You can toggle this on or off. For example, when Whitney strolls through her favorite grocery store, the switch is on. Her celebrity energy is very open, warm and inviting. That’s when she’s her most authentic self. Right?

But after she finishes her coconut smoothie and heads to the gym, which is right around the corner, she’s not really there to chit-chat, is she? So what then? Mean mug everyone on the treadmills as she walks by? No. That’s not helpful.

“What I decided to do instead,” Whitney explains, “is play around with a different type of celebrity energy. Where people can still notice me and people can still be attracted to me and to my energy, but I am not speaking to them. They are not going to be speaking to me. And I energetically decided on a boundary that people are not allowed to be speaking to me.”

Wait, you can do all that with energy? How?

It comes down to your thoughts and your feelings about yourself, apparently. But you can’t lie to yourself. You have to do the work to actually feel safe taking up space and being perceived.

For the record: I have no clue what this earth mama is going on about. Feel like I need to wear round sunglasses and dance barefoot in the grass before I’ll be able to relate.

Thoughts and feelings create energy, she recaps. And energy either attracts or repulses people. Right, got it. I think.

Celebrity Famous
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When you live more of your life as your true authentic self, you’ll attract similar people to you.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it? It’s okay. Like, we need to stop villainizing people for trying to be influencers. If a guy busts his ass to move up the corporate ladder, he’s driven. But if a chick tries to blow up on TikTok, she’s vain? Lazy? Has no talent?

Homie – and by homie I mean Whitney – don’t play that.

In her Abundant Artist Academy coaching program, you’ll learn how to step into your identity with grace and own it.

Imagine two people go to high school. One was homecoming queen, class president, she adored every minute of it. The other one was bullied and left traumatized by the whole experience. They both go on to become super successful and attend their 10-year class reunion. Now. They’re bringing back different energy, aren’t they?

Depending on your past, you might have some healing to do. That’s okay too. Whitney’s here for you like a chakra to a seeker.

Maybe you wanna be on TV. Maybe you wanna make a movie. Maybe you wanna get a record deal. Or write a book. Maybe you just want a million followers on Instagram. Whatever it is, Whitney’s gonna guide you to the promised land with her mystical woo-woo powers.

She keeps her coaching fees a secret, not that it would matter for me. Whitney and I are like pineapple on pizza – some people swear by it, but we’re a combination that just doesn’t work.

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