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Jon Jasniak must be swimming in cash to rock those Yeezys in a dirty, dusty field.

Speaking of which, dude’s done more than 500 land deals – worth over $10 million dollars – all before turning 30.

Jon grew up in Michigan, went to Texas Tech for engineering, got out, got a job, hated it.

One night, after a grueling 10-hour shift, he’s listening to this podcast about land investing, right? Ends up buying the guy’s course. Then another course. He really just wanted to find one small deal to start with.

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And that he did. It was 53 acres, out in the middle of nowhere in West Texas, for $8,500. No water. No real road access.

Not long after, Jon ends up selling it off – in five different 10-acre chunks, some for cash, some via owner financing – and basically doubled his money when it was all said and done.

From there, he leveraged his decent income as an engineer plus the profit from that deal, to fund his next round of deals.

And that’s what set the stage for the land empire Jon would go on to build.

Okay, say you were interested in land flipping arbitrage. What advice would Jon offer?

Well, start small like he did. Look for something that costs less than $10 grand.

But ya gotta get super familiar with an area. The more knowledge you have about a particular county, the more arbitrage opportunity there is. So network with realtors and investors and brokers, and know what stuff’s selling for.

As for funding these deals, if you don’t have cash or credit, there’s always seller financing.

“One thing I’ve started doing at scale that’s unlocked a tremendous amount of wealth,” Jon says, “is I send out offer letters for seller financing.”

“So I’ll send them a hard, two-page offer letter, offering to buy their land on financing. I’ll explicitly say in there, ‘This is how much I’m gonna give you down, and here’s how much I’d give you per month, at what percentage interest, over whatever duration,'” he adds.

“And you can just pull the data from the county or hire someone to go in and look for these pieces of land manually, scraping from Google Earth,” he says.

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Here’s a quick recap – in my own words – of Jon’s process.

Blast out snail mail to everyone in your area of interest who owns land. Offer ’em 60, 70, 80 cents on the dollar. Let ’em know – from the jump – you’ll be paying for it over time.

Just like with homes, you’re looking for those motivated sellers. The ones who’ll go, “Ya know, I could probably list it myself and get more for it, but that’s a pain and it takes forever. This sounds a helluva lot easier. Maybe I will give this Jon character a call – least hear him out.”

Jon says a typical response rate is about 1%. Not bad.

So you send out 3-, 4-, 500 letters, and ya get a handful of nibbles that you should be able to reel in.

And doing the equivalent of that online – with, say, Facebook ads – is gonna cost ya a lot more.

So, when ya do it right, these direct mail campaigns can produce ROIs beefier than a heavyweight champ’s bicep.

By the way, the arbitrage piece comes in when you then go and find someone to buy the land for full value, and now they’re essentially paying your payments for you.

Jon covers each step in extreme detail inside his Land Flipping Arbitrage course, which he sells for $997.

You’re protected by an ironclad 100% money-back guarantee.

What’s inside?

Over 30 hours of step-by-step video training, plus all kinds of bonuses and resources.

Won’t be long and you’ll be flipping land like your dad flips from golf to football on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Only thing that caught me off guard was that Jon had partnered with Tai Lopez on some land deals in the past. As we both know, Tai’s reputation is about as solid as a soap bubble in a prison shower.

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