Amelia McGee and Grace Gudenkauf (saying that name is like a tasty treat I can’t get enough of) are the creators of WIIRE: Women Invest In Real Estate, a posse of powerful ladies showing the rental game who’s boss.

Their speciality? MTR.

After dabbling in buy and holds, fix and flips, BRRRR, multifamily, short-term rentals, and creative financing deals, for them, midterm rentals took the gold medal in the real estate Olympics.

Read on for my Midterm Rental Profit Academy review.

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Micheal Burt is this big shot former women’s basketball coach. Apparently, he’s pretty amazing and has done all kinds of things like writing fancy-schmancy books, giving speeches that’ll make your brain feel like it just won the lottery, putting together these unforgettable events, and peddling more coaching programs than I can count.

Did I mention the man’s selfie game is stronger than Flex Tape? ‘Cause it is. Have a look at his Instagram. It’s like a reality show about a guy who just can’t get enough of himself.

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Scrivener Masterclass

Abbie Emmons believes your story matters. She’s here to make your author dreams come true.

If you want your readers to keep turning pages instead of using them for origami, listen up. Here are her top pet peeves you should avoid at all costs when writing.

First is lack of character development. Especially when the main character – the protagonist, the one we’re supposed to be rooting for – has no internal conflict, no deep-seated desire for anything, no goal, no fear that’s holding them back.

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Are you a web designer who wants to charge more for your websites and get clients consistently? Meet Alejandro Rodriguez – the brain to your brawn.

From struggling to offload $3,000 websites, he’s now drawing top-tier clientele who happily pay $10,000 for web design and dish out hundreds monthly to “keep it running.”

Will his system work for you? What if you’re just okay at designing websites? Better question: Isn’t this industry gasping its last breath?

Grab your popcorn and join me for my tell-all 30 Day Web Consultant review.

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Fred here says you can build your own attention-grabbing agency. It can make you a full-time income. 

He’s done it. His business partner Alex has done it. And so have their students.

In fact, after 700 one-on-one coaching sessions, and 120+ weekly group calls? Fred and Alex have helped 71% of their students close their first client.

Based on those stats, Fred has a guarantee for you.

Join Short Form Society. Make at least $15k in the next year. Or get all your money back, plus an extra $5k for the inconvenience.

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Katie With Boxes

Katie Melissa is not who I picture when I think of an eight figure Amazon seller. As she claims to be.

Also not who I picture running a massive operation (called Elite Automation) that sells done-for-you Amazon stores. Which she claims to.

Or cofounding the company Tanzanite AI, which provides cutting-edge, tailored, B2B AI solutions. Which she also claims.

World traveler? You bet. Sipping sparkling champagne and carrying designer handbags and driving cars that cost more than most people’s home? That I can buy.

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Kelly Roach has the ultimate catalyst for 1% living. This means, not only do you have the disposable income you desire, but you’re wealthy in every area of life that matters most. Health, relationships, fulfillment, spirituality, personal growth.

“If you allowed yourself to completely unleash, to completely open your heart and mind, what would you do if you had no fear and no consequences?” she asks in a recent episode of The Kelly Roach Show podcast.

Read on for my review.

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Austin LeFevre is the face of Warrior Ethos Life, yet another short-term rental coaching program.

His business partner, Jarem Atkinson, delivers the overview.

“We recommend you start with a bottom up approach,” he says. “So start in the tertiary markets. There’s a lower value, due to a lower demand, which means a lower purchase price. Just make sure you look for cities and towns that are near attractions that bring a lot of people to them. When you do that, you can hit a gold mine.”

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Jason Paul Rogers can show you how to acquire seven figure cash flowing businesses with zero dollars out of pocket. No, really, the government will cover the tab. More on that in a sec.

Jason’s the majority owner of an eight figure portfolio of companies. Affordable housing, plumbing, HVAC – he’s got his hands in a little bit of everything.

Jason may be biased but he believes buying up other businesses is the ultimate way to build wealth.

Grab a helmet and a seat belt – this review could get bumpy.

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Digital Dads

Kerry Egeler created Shirt School to help you bring home the bacon with an online t-shirt and apparel business.

It’s print on demand (POD), so you won’t have to order a bunch of inventory or mess with shipping or anything like that.

Just make a simple Shopify store; come up with some designs; use social media to get people to your store; and when someone buys, your POD company will fulfill the order and ship it straight to their door – for a reasonable fee.

Pocket any extra or reinvest into paid ads to scale.

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Riley Oickle can help you purchase your first income property and gain $1,000 per month in passive cash flow without having money or mortgage capability.

Perfect for beginners.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, can devote at least five hours a week to this, and wanna scoop up a duplex, triplex, or fourplex in the next five months or less, Riley’s the guy for the job.

He’s got a portfolio of seven units currently, sprinkled throughout Ontario, where he’s from.

How ’bout we pop the cork on this review and see what spills out?

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Dream With Dan

After life sucker-punched Daniel Mangena at 20 with a soul-crushing trauma, a late Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, and a rollercoaster ride of amassing and losing a ton of cash, he found himself staring into the abyss, contemplating suicide.

But, thanks to unyielding determination, he battled, struggled, and fought his way back to success, building his dream life in Cabo with his wife and children.

He believes you can achieve the same. As long as you pay him money, of course.

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Picture a triangle of online coaches. Zander Fryer is at the top of that triangle. He coaches coaches (who coach coaches).

I’m not saying it’s a pyramid scheme but I’m not not saying it’s a pyramid scheme.

Since quitting his day job as an engineer a little over four years ago, Zander’s been coaching his way straight to the bank. His High Impact Coaching (HIC) brand apparently does $4 million a year.

How much does he charge? Are any of his students getting results? What else should you know? Read on.

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Trust BNB Capital

Michael Chang, is that you or did James Bond just walk in? If there was a “Slaying in Suits 101” class, Michael would be the professor. 

He used to be an investment banker. His wife, Liz, worked in luxury fashion. Good jobs but they were sick of the corporate grind. They wanted all the freedoms: financial, time, and don’t forget location. 

Having analyzed all sorts of different businesses in his investment banking career, when Michael came across Airbnb rental arbitrage, a mental fiesta ensued.

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Sarah SVMM

Are you a real estate agent feeling anxious about your less-than-stellar pipeline?

Ah, the allure of real estate: freedom, income, flexibility, and the opportunity to serve clients as they pursue the American Dream through the largest financial transaction of their lives.

But as you’ve likely come to realize, building a thriving real estate business is far from a walk in the park.

Allow me to introduce you to Sarah Long and her Sales Volume Marketing Machine – the calvary that’s here to rescue you.

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