Fireside RV Rental Franchise Review

Garr Owner

Garr Russell is the head honcho at Fireside RV Rental. Seven years ago he was trying to figure out what to do with this camper he had bought his wife.

You see, they were on a camping trip in the middle of the summer. It was hot as balls. His wife was pregnant – and therefore, miserable.

“I’m over it. Let’s go home,” she said.

Garr was bummed. Here he’d spent all this money on a new RV, and now he had to go home – and, what, park it in the drive?

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That’s when God gave him an idea: rent it to another family who could actually enjoy it. Win-win, right?

“So then, pairing that idea with the skills that God had given me, for systems and processes and sales and marketing, all that,” Garr says, “I was able to combine all those together to create Fireside RV Rental.”

Fireside RV Rental connects camper owners with families and vacationers who wanna rent either a travel trailer, motorhome, camper van, or class C vehicle. (Think Airbnb for camping.) Anyways, business is going good, and now Garr wants to let you in on the action.

By becoming a Fireside RV Rental franchisee, you can leverage Garr’s so-called Fireside FastTrack Framework to get your own slice of the RV rental pie.

How big-a-slice we talking? Garr believes this is a six-figure opportunity.

Assuming you’re business-minded, willing to learn, and you follow through on his proven process.

Will you need to buy your own RVs? No. Garr and his team will teach you how to rent out other people’s RVs. Again, notice the resemblance to Airbnb – it’s just like Airbnb arbitrage.

Can this be passive? Or are ya gonna be answering calls and putting out fires (hopefully not literal fires) and working round the clock just to make less than you do at your day job? As long as you hire staff to clean and deliver and act as the handymen for these campers, this can be done remotely with minimal time investment, Garr assures us.

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How much money can you make off of one RV? On average, you’re looking at about $300 to $500 per unit per week. So, best case scenario – during peak season – you’d be doing, what, about $2,000 a month from each camper? Okay, not bad.

But still, this is gonna be super seasonal, isn’t it? Nothing wrong with making a buncha money in the summer, but I’d rather buy a franchise that makes consistent money all year long.

Fireside RV Rental does provide insurance for you, which is nice. That way, if Rhett dips into the whiskey while the kids are roasting marshmallows, then attempts to climb onto the roof of the camper for a late-night stargazing session, leaving behind a dent-ridden mess? You’re not on the hook for that.

But by the time you pay the RV owner however much they want outta this deal, and then hire a coupla employees, and then top it off with admin expenses and marketing costs? Will there be any meat left on the bone?

And we haven’t even gotten to the cost of the actual franchise. According to the Franchise Opportunities website, you should plan on $50,000 for the franchise fee, and then anywhere from $1,000 to $44,000 extra to really hit the ground running.

People are clearly buying in because they have a few testimonials. For example, Garth and Stacy rapidly expanded their Fireside Franchise in Upstate New York, enabling Garth to leave the job he’d had for 20 years to go all-in on the RV rental industry.

Me, I’m sticking to the internet, where I can make tens of thousands a month for the cost of a domain name.

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