Van Sturgeon Reviews

4F Real Estate Investing System

Van Sturgeon was born and raised in Chicago. He built a successful general contracting business before switching to real estate investing.

Now he’s got about 1,200 doors scattered throughout four different states. Obviously, with his background, he’s done tons of renovations. 

His courses and mastermind will help you nail the four Fs of real estate investing: find, fund, fix, and flip.

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You won’t have to use any of your own money, and this can be done in any market, any cycle. Hot, cold, crashing, skyrocketing – doesn’t matter.

Don’t let the fear mongering that’s going on scare ya outta getting started.

The media? They want clicks, views – that’s all.

When you zoom out, real estate prices always go up and to the right. As long as you’re in this for the long-term, you literally can’t lose.

Van became a multimillionaire in real estate because, after the crash of ’08, instead of trembling on the sidelines like everyone else, he just kept buying properties. Today, his portfolio is valued at $140 million.

Would you rather pay top dollar for something or buy it at a discount? Exactly.

But how’s Van finding these bargain properties?

Mostly by networking with wholesalers and real estate agents who feed him deals. But back in the day, he would do bandit signs, flyers, drive for dollars – you name it, Van could claim it.

As for funding, nothing special there either. You have to take what you can get. Whether it’s a financial institution, local bank, credit union, private lender, or hard money lender. If the amount you’re looking to borrow is less than what the property’s worth, someone will give you money.

Inside Van’s mentorship program, he’ll teach you how to present yourself properly to investors so you can get the money you need. He’ll also provide you with ready-to-go contracts to make life easy.

From there, it’s fixing and flipping and scaling, right?

Which can’t happen without systems. “You have to create systems around property acquisition,” Van explains. “Around the whole renovation process. Around the review of tenant applications. Around how and when refinancing will be triggered.”

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“Unless you’re able to figure out how to add a few more hours to each day,” he continues, “time is your most valuable commodity. And spending it on certain tasks will slow or even stop the growth of your portfolio.”

“Trust me. This comes from a real estate investor who has scaled their portfolio to over 1,200 doors. What got me there is systems and processes to be able to handle all of this work,” Van says.

So hire a coach – like him. Cut down the learning curve. Avoid making costly mistakes. Ask questions. Be held accountable.

It’s funny, Van beats his chest about his fat wallet and semi-retirement, but he’s marketing this mastermind like a vendor at a hot dog stand.

“Folks, real estate is a tough business. You need to bring your A game or you will get hurt,” he pitches. “On your own, you might be able to buy a few rentals, but you’re not gonna be able to scale. In my mentorship, I truly believe that anyone can be a millionaire because I’ll be providing you with the right information and mindset.”

Inside, you’ll have lifetime access to courses, contracts, agreements, leases, tools, calculators, coaching calls, Van’s proprietary “4F’s Systems and Processes,” a private Facebook Group, potential funding, and more.

Cost for all that? You’ll have to book a call to find out.

But again, based on how hard he was pushing it, I bet it’s pretty pricey.

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