Blessed To Sell Review

Katie With Boxes

Katie Melissa is not who I picture when I think of an eight figure Amazon seller. As she claims to be.

Also not who I picture running a massive operation (called Elite Automation) that sells done-for-you Amazon stores. Which she claims to.

Or cofounding the company Tanzanite AI, which provides cutting-edge, tailored, B2B AI solutions. Which she also claims.

World traveler? You bet. Sipping sparkling champagne and carrying designer handbags and driving cars that cost more than most people’s home? That I can buy.

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But savvy, serial entrepreneur, with a knack for tech and numbers and managing other people? Hmm. I’ll take “Things that are hard to believe” for $1,000, Alex.

Maybe it’s her two first names for a name. Or her sickening beauty. Or all those Instagram photos with no man in sight, “proving” she’s single. Or because not once in any of her videos has she said something insightful.

I s’pose it’s all the above, but, I dunno, something seems off here.

Like what if there’s this 47 year-old sugar daddy who’s half bald with a big old beer belly behind all this?

And he knew he couldn’t be the frontman or he’d just get called a scammer?

But “Katie Melissa” – with her blond hair and big lips and straight white teeth and tight little body – could get simps to max out their credit cards and never ask for a refund because how could you?

Lick the tub clean after she finished her nightly bath? Yes. Refund or charge back? No.

Not to Katie Melissa. Not when she looks good enough to risk a restraining order, right guys?

But you know what? Maybe I’m tripping.

Maybe she’s 100% legit, and the apology ball is in my court.

Who knows. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

All that said, Katie now has an Amazon seller course you can buy.

It’s called Blessed To Sell and the cost is just one easy payment of $497.

Refunds will be given if you ask for it by email within 14 days of purchasing and have consumed less than 30% of the lessons. Again, not that you would.

To respect your time, Katie designed this to be the most straightforward, cut-to-the-chase Amazon Masterclass in existence.

Katie Hot Air Balloon
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Katie’s Blessed To Sell course covers the following topics:

  1. Selling on Amazon, A to Z
  2. Obtaining a business license
  3. Sales tax 101
  4. Mindset and psychology
  5. Proper Amazon settings
  6. Launch with momentum
  7. Dropshipping, wholesaling, FBA, and private label methods
  8. Keeping your account healthy
  9. Finding profitable items to sell
  10. Spying on competitors
  11. Customer service
  12. Automations
  13. Profit margins
  14. Digital marketing
  15. Scaling your Amazon business

All that and more plus a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions on weekdays only, and someone’ll get back to you.

No prior experience or skills necessary. You can live anywhere and do this, assuming you’re over 18.

In addition to the $497 for the course, Katie recommends you have at least $5,000 in startup capital. For inventory, branding, software, tools, ad spend, and whatever else.

In terms of Blessed To Sell reviews, all’s I see is a single video testimony from this chick named Christie who also happens to look like a model. Weird.

“I just wanted to say it’s been an amazing journey after taking Katie’s Amazon course,” she reports. “My store is consistently growing.”

“The course covers everything you need to know to get started selling right away. Guys, I highly recommend,” Christie adds.

The vibe I got from her was more “friend of Katie” or paid spokesperson than actual person who bought the course.

There’s also some screenshots of supposed student wins with names crossed out.

There’s an Overview & Outline video you can preview. It’s seven minutes of Katie going over what’s ahead. I noticed lots and lots of cuts/edits. Like after every sentence. Wonder why that is.

Buy the course if you want, but you know where I stand: I think there’s more to this iceberg than meets the eye.

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