Rebecca Walser Review

Rebecca Walser

Rebecca Walser can help you grow your wealth, tax-free, forever, and never pay Uncle Sam again.

She says traditional IRAs and 401(k)s are a mistake.

And now’s the time to position your portfolio to survive and even thrive in the national debt and inflation tsunami that’s heading your way.

As a certified financial planner, tax attorney, and really just an overall wealth strategist, she feels as though she’s plenty qualified to guide you.

So what are her secrets? And what’s the catch, right?

Read on for my Walser Wealth review.

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Money is not the goal.

Money is the means to the goal. It’s distribution for the lifestyle you want for your family.

So it’s not just about wealth, but what that wealth allows us to do.

Question is, how do you build it? By putting all your money in an index fund that follows the S&P 500 and hoping for the best?

Well, sure, if you’re lucky enough to retire when it’s at its all-time high, like it is right now.

But what happened to those who retired somewhere within the “lost decade,” from 2000 to 2010, when, for the first time in history, the S&P actually went down during that time?

“And of course because markets are cyclical, we need to understand what comes next,” Rebecca says.

“What are we due for now, in these next 10 years?” she asks.

“The point I would make to you is that since we’ve had two bull markets, we are probably looking at repeating the10-year period of volatility, because you’re not gonna have a 20-year bull market.”

Also, most people assume they’ll average an 8% return a year, but it’s really 4- to 6% when you factor in the occasional down year and lack of dividend payments by certain funds.

Most financial advisors tell you to buy and hold, and you’ll get that 8-, 9-, 10% over the life of your portfolio, right?

But again, we’re averaging a bear market (a loss of at 20% percent) about once every three and a half years.

When that happens, remember, when the market rebounds, you’re now starting with a much lower number than your previous high.

So it can take a long time just to get back to where you were, let alone beyond it.

And no one, not even the great Warren Buffett, can time these downturns.

Walser Wealth Strategies
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That’s why Rebecca’s company, Walser Wealth, does what’s called tactical management. Where they keep you invested but reallocate frequently, based on boots-on-the-ground data.

“Meaning, we’re looking at eight or more data points on a weekly basis, trying to determine which of the three different bear market cycles we’ve identified and which of the three different bull market cycles we are either entering, exiting, or remaining in,” she explains.

“That way we can determine what is the right portfolio mix for our clients.”

“We don’t move to cash,” she adds. “We don’t sell your positions and move to cash.”

“If we see recessionary concerns coming, we like to move you to vehicles that work well and perform well during recessionary periods.”

“And if you become a client you’ll know what those are.”

Now don’t even get Rebecca started on taxes.

With federal debt at a dangerously-high $30 trillion, and a crap-ton of baby boomers about to retire, well, there’s no money to pay their social security, Medicare, and Medicaid, now is there?

Unless we become Europe and jack taxes up to 60% or so.

And that could happen.

And if it does, about the time you go to draw from your retirement account, then what? You’re screwed, aren’t you?

But there is a legal loophole written into the tax code.

You can leverage life insurance to build tax-free wealth and pass it on to your kids one day.

“This is the largest transitionary time period in the history of America,” Rebecca says.

“And not taking action now could be the biggest financial mistake of your life.”

“Reach out and contact us today, and we look forward to helping you,” she finishes with.

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