Fitness Business Mentors Review


Sameem Rouhani is the guy who runs Fitness Business Mentors. His specialty? Helping you enroll $4k to $11k premium online fitness clients, every month, using LinkedIn.

And no, you don’t need to have a presence on LinkedIn currently in order for this to work.

Maybe you’ve tried to build a following on Facebook and Instagram and you’re not getting anywhere.

Maybe you’re still training clients in person.

Maybe you’ve never done anything online up until this point.

It’s all good, says Sameem.

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But who is Sameem Rouhani?

He’s been in the fitness space for eight years.

He’s trained Hollywood celebs, athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

Took his biz to the internet and grew it to about $80k/month by selling coaching packages for as much as $36k a pop.

Sameem still works with clients to this day, even though his primary focus is now mentoring other fitness experts.

If there’s one thing he knows, it’s that you have to work with affluent clients and charge them a premium or you’re always gonna be overworked and underpaid.

Here’s the old way of doing it:

  • Cold emails
  • Sliding into DMs
  • Spamming your Facebook feed
  • Posting thirsty selfies on Instagram

All of it works. But it’s tedious and time consuming and kinda pathetic.

So what’s the new way?

Use LinkedIn to attract and close high-end online fitness clients, Sameem says.

And you can literally charge these folks $4k or more for your services.

LinkedIn has 690+ million professionals, executives, business leaders, and CEOs.

Over 91% of them list LinkedIn as their top place to find quality content and people.

They want to connect with you.

Compare that to Facebook, where people just wanna rant about politics and stalk their exes.

Now consider the fact that only about 5% of fitness pros are active on LinkedIn.

Massive potential, is what Sameem’s getting at.

But just like Facebook and IG, it won’t be like that forever.

Fitness Business Mentors
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Alright, so what are these LinkedIn dream clients gonna expect from you?

Professional presentation and embodiment of true expertise is a must, Sameem says.

They wanna see that you’re on their level.

Oh, and this wouldn’t hurt:

Show ’em you understand all the sacrifice and hard work they put in to get where they’re at.

You know how busy they are.

You have solutions specifically for them.

You’re not just an everyday trainer who works with anyone, you’re the personal trainer for hard-charging CEOs (or whatever).

Picking up what Sameem’s putting down? Good.

These folks don’t wanna read a 4,000-word post on macros. Got no time for that.

They wanna skim your profile and decide within 10-20 seconds whether or not they should give a damn about you. Right?

So you don’t need a ton of content, but it does have to be the right content.

They’re not gonna respond well to clickbait-y stuff.

Again, are you on their level?

Do you really get them?

And do you know your stuff?

Sameem’s got a P3 Content Formula you can follow to win ’em over.

How do ya actually close these high-dollar deals though?

You’ve got your pre-call (private message) where you spark interest and demonstrate expertise without posturing or being needy.

Then you’ve got your phone sale where you’ll reinforce that expertise and prescribe them a custom plan using Sameem’s so-called SCIQ Dialogue framework.

You’re trying to serve not sell.

If you’re an intelligent, intentional, quality individual?

Book a call to learn more about Sameem’s coaching program.

Cost isn’t listed.

Fitness Business Mentors has an A rating with the BBB. Only one complaint in three years.

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