Remote Closing Academy Review


Cole Gordon used a little three-by-five index card, his cell phone, and one timeless, high value, recession-proof skill to generate about thirty-five grand a month in commission checks. One month he scaled all the way to a hundred and seventy-nine thousand dollars. Many of his mentees are making twenty to fifty K a month, net, using what Cole taught them. All without having to create a product or service of their own. It gets better. Read on for my Remote Closing Academy review.

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Cole and his clients don’t need a website, a funnel, they don’t need to run ads, or deal with any of the other headaches that come with building a traditional online business. That’s because this has nothing to do with Amazon FBA or Etsy or coaching or consulting or flipping homes or any of the opportunities you see coming through your newsfeed. But what it does have to do with is taking that one skill Cole mentioned earlier and using it to cash in on a multi-billion dollar industry. Which is precisely what Cole did.

“And in doing so I was able to make a huge amount of profit without having to do any of the up-front legwork that comes from starting a traditional business,” Cole says. So what is this mysterious skill, right? It’s called remote closing. Instead of doing all the things (marketing, content creation, tech, ads, fulfillment, support, etc.), Cole figured, why not go right to where the money’s changing hands, do phone sales, and take a percentage of every deal? Bingo.

He hit up three agency owners he knew and offered to do just that. They agreed. In month one he took fifty-four calls total. Enrolled ten. Not even that good. Made six K in commissions. “At the time I thought that was a lot, but if I made that now, I’d be in physical pain,” Cole jokes. Things were finally looking up for him. He was working way less, pocketing more, and he didn’t have to do the other hundred things he had been doing previously. So he went all-in.
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What other companies could I do this for, to make even more money, he wondered. That’s when he met a guy named Kent who was selling a LinkedIn lead gen coaching program for ten K. Higher price point meant bigger commissions. Plus Kent had more leads and lots of social proof; people showed up to the calls ready to buy. Cole began taking about sixty calls a month for Kent. He was closing twelve to fifteen of them, on average. Still not great. But Cole’s income jumped to twenty Gs a month.

As a remote closer, you have no overhead. So all of that is pure profit. To net twenty K a month owning your own business, you’d need to gross about five times that just to cover all your expenses. Great point. Cole continued looking for better and better opportunities. Eventually he was hitting forty K a month in net commissions. Recently, Cole has expanded to build teams of remote closers to help other coaches and consultants scale to seven and eight figures.

To succeed as a remote closer, find an offer in the e-learning space that’s already validated. They must have warm, consistent lead flow. And lots of client results. Then, when you take calls, enroll, don’t sell. High pressure sales tactics will do more harm than good. Qualify them, make them commit to their vision. That’s it. And model a mentor. Cole’s Remote Closing Academy is a great option. He’ll teach you everything you need to know and introduce you to business owners who would be ideal to sell for. He doesn’t mention cost, but says it’s not cheap.

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