Airbnb Breakdown Academy Review


Bryson Blocker and Inayah McMillan both dropped out of college freshman year to become entrepreneurs.

They tried a little bit of everything – ecom, forex, nannying, cosmetology – before discovering Airbnb.

And since they were broke at the time, they had to get creative. They couldn’t buy properties outright, so they would contact landlords and property management companies and ask ’em if they could put their houses on Airbnb.

They were just 19 years old when they got their first yes.

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That turned into about $4,500 per month in Airbnb income. Time to go all-in.

They set up a business, leased 10 more properties, and now, with 11 total Airbnb listings, they’re making as much as $60,000 a month.

Since they’re not old enough to drink, they celebrated with a brand new murdered-out G-Wagon.

“If you’re like us,” Bryson says, “and you’re looking to get into real estate without a lot of capital, Airbnb arbitrage is the perfect play. Sure, a lot of landlords will say no. But some will say yes.”

A lot of it has to do with your approach.

“You just have to come at it the right way and be professional,” Inayah says.

“That’s why we recommend having an actual short-term rental company, so that you can present yourself that way. As opposed to like just a single person trying to do Airbnb.”

“And you have to play the numbers,” she adds. “Literally send an email out to every available listing on Zillow. Most are gonna say no. But eventually you’ll get a yes and then you look at the property and see if it’ll do good as a short-term rental.”

Okay, say you get a landlord who’s cool with you renting their property and doing what you wish with it on Airbnb. Still, you’ll need to come up with one and one-half month’s rent, a security deposit, plus thousands more to furnish the place properly, right?

Where do Inayah and Bryson suggest you get that money if you’re broke?

Answer: business credit.

Between the two of ’em, they’ve got like $250,000 in purchasing power via credit cards they opened under their LLC.

A lot of times, you can get 0% interest for 12-18 months.

Inayah G Wagon
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If the break-even point on a new Airbnb arbitrage listing is only six months or so, that means you should be able to pay your credit cards off before accruing any interest.

Once you do, you’ve literally got a cash machine.

And you didn’t use any of your own money to build it.

Anyways, once Bryson and Inayah’s family and friends got wind of their success, naturally, they wanted in on it.

It took some convincing, but Bryson was able to get Inayah (who was struggling with imposter syndrome) on board with launching their own Airbnb course.

They eased into it, selling it for just $50 at first.

But the more they learned, the more content they added, the more people that bought, their confidence grew and they started inching up the price.

In a year since going live, they’ve enrolled nearly 1,000 students.

College kids, active military, stay at home moms, single dads, retirees, you name it.

No one seems to be holding their age against them.

Their flagship program is called The Airbnb Breakdown Course. Cost is now $1,497, and that’ll probably go up soon.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an LLC
  • How to establish business credit
  • How to make money on Airbnb without owning any property
  • How to furnish your home
  • How to create your listing
  • And so much more

There’s video training, scripts, templates, addendums, expense sheets, a private community, live coaching calls, and bonuses.

There’s a 30-day refund policy, but you have to prove you did everything that was asked of you to qualify.

Love their story, like their offer, but would want no part of the business model. Tap the button below to see why.

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