Tamara Tee Review

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Tamara Tee was called out for not answering her DMs. “It’s not my intention to ignore anybody,” she explained.

“But I do get messages every five minutes of the day,” she whined.

“The only time that people have direct access to me is if you have joined my FBA Winners program and you are a student of mine because that way I know you are 100% serious,” went her justification. 

Read on for the truth about Tamara Tee.

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Does Tamara Tee have any haters?

“You guys,” Tamara ranted, “every public person on the internet – we all have haters.”

“When people say they don’t have haters, I’m actually a little concerned. It means people just don’t know you.”

“You don’t have enough people knowing you and buying your product, or you’re not like seen enough. And that’s why you don’t have any haters,” Tamara ranted.

“But if you are really good at what you do, when people start to see you, a lot of people will become jealous and envious of you.”

“But I don’t let them crawl under my skin because I know how many lives I have helped.”

Is what she teaches (Amazon FBA) a scam?

“No, Amazon FBA is not a scam,” Tamara said.

“It’s only a scam if you’re using black hat tactics to run your business.”

“So there are so many ways how you can actually cheat the system when it comes to selling on Amazon. But I don’t believe in cheating the system,” she explained.

“I don’t teach anything where there are shortcuts or cheats or anything like that.”

“For example, I don’t have crazy ways to get hundreds of reviews. So, there are scammy things you can do but the business model is real.”

Using Tamara’s Amazon methods, how much do you have to do in sales to profit $5k a month?

“If you are selling on Amazon FBA, revenue does not equal net profit,” Tamara said.

“Net profit is what you bring home after all expenses.”

“If you want to profit $5,000 a month, then I would multiply that number by three to four. So at least $15,000 in sales.”

“Why? Because most Amazon sellers who have a good profit margin take home 30% of their sales revenue. So plan on $15- to $20,000 in total sales,” Tamara said.

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How did Tamara get so good at Amazon FBA and pay per click advertising? Did she take a course when she first started?

“When I began, I saw a course but didn’t take it,” she recalled.

“The person who created the course, I just didn’t really trust them.”

“So how I learned everything was from my business partner and figuring it out myself after losing over $20,000.”

“Not having a mentor, not having guidance cost me so much money,” Tamara said, teeing it up for her own program.

“Now I personally have two mentors that mentor me through life and business. Not just Amazon, but all areas of life and business.”

Okay, if she’s so good at Amazon, why sell her own course? Why not just keep it to herself?

“The short answer is it makes me money,” she admitted. “And that’s it.”

“Like, if you’re really good at making burgers, and you want to sell it to other people to make money, why not?”

“I don’t see that as a bad thing. I think that’s really smart.”

“If you’re really good at something, you should teach it, you should share your knowledge with the world.”

“People who are against that, I think, are very small-minded. So that’s why I sell a course. To make money and to help others, and that’s it.”

Where does Tamara see herself in 10 years?

“I’m a really big dreamer,” she answered. “I see myself retiring in a way where I’m not so hands-on.”

“I’ll step back and invest in other things. We may get into real estate again.”

“My partner and I, we want to build our dream house, have kids, homeschool them, and get them to be entrepreneurs.”

“So yeah, those are my plans for the next 10 years,” she recapped.

“I imagine I’ll have more freedom, doing less, more automation – where the money is working for me and I’m not working for money, if that makes sense.”

Totally. But I trust Tamara Tee about as much as a headline in a tabloid.

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