Wealthy Investor Review

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Ryan Pineda went from semi-pro baseball player to realtor to house flipper. Then he blew up online and now he mostly just sells books and courses and coaching programs.

Wealthy Investor, which he runs with a guy named Brian Davila, will teach you how to flip, wholesale, and buy rental properties.

Choose from Rookie or All Star, depending on where you’re at in your real estate investing journey.

What all do you get? What’s it cost? Read on for my review.

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The Wealthy Method will help you find the best deals, buy properties with no money down, automate, build your team, and delegate so you can grow whether you’re working or not.

The format is what you’d expect.

“We have courses to help students learn the foundation,” Ryan says. “We also have different groups or niches. So we’ve got a multifamily group, we’ve got a women’s group, we’ve got separate markets, and so on, so that you’re surrounded by people in the same situation with the same goals.”

“We also have masterminds,” Ryan continues. “So every quarter we come to Vegas, you come see my office, and we have really good events that are a lot of fun. Everyone parties but they also learn a lot.”

“We also have accountability coaches to keep you moving forward and help you through any issue or problem you’re experiencing in your business.”

“We have all the documents and systems and processes that took us years to develop.”

“And we have a bunch of Zoom calls every week. Some are led by me, some by our coaches, some by our students.”

“These are just some of the things we do in our coaching program. We’re always constantly adding to it because we always want to improve.”

“Now, as far as the cost goes, we have different tiers of coaching depending on where you’re currently at. But they range anywhere from $8,000 to $60,000,” Ryan says.

“And that might seem like a lot, but the truth in real estate is that just one deal can pay for pretty much anything, whether it’s coaching or marketing or anything else. All you need to do is get one deal.”

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See Our Top-Rated Program

“When you join The Wealthy Investor coaching,” Ryan pitches, “you’re gonna save time, you’re gonna get your questions answered, you’re gonna have accountability, you’re gonna have community, okay?”

“This isn’t just about learning, we’re really big on community. I want people to do life together, to grow together.”

“On top of that, you’ll always be updated as I implement new strategies to shift with the market. Things are always changing. You gotta know what to do when interest rates rise, when there’s supply shortages, when labor costs go up.”

What are people saying about it?

The general consensus on BiggerPockets is that it’s a giant waste of money; that you’re just making Ryan richer.

To be fair though, hardly any of the critics had gone through the coaching. Those who have seem to be happy with their investment.

For example, there’s this kid, Justin Yurong, who said, “I’ve been in the program for a year now. It’s been amazing. You get the education. You get the weekly Zoom calls. But also the community, where you make friends with others who have the same passions as you.”

“And honestly, I’ve started doing deals and making money with some of these people,” he continued.

“And then the masterminds every quarter, they’re a blast.”

“So whether you’re just starting or you’ve got a couple of deals under your belt, or maybe you’ve done hundreds of deals, the coaching program is for you.”

“And I’m not getting paid to say this. It’s been super helpful for me and I just want you to know, it could help you too. Those are just my honest thoughts,” he ended with.

Still, I’d want no part of traditional real estate investing. Especially not right now. Especially for that kinda money.

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