Dylan Jahraus Reviews


Dylan Jahraus is the wife of a Navy officer who looks like he’s 11-feet tall, she’s a mom of two boys, and she sells the snot outta some Etsy products.

She’s been on Etsy for six years and she’s approaching $1.5 million in sales.

What’s her secret? A strong why, consistency, being relentless – all that helps, but you wanna know what the most important thing is? It’s putting the food in the oven before it’s even preheated.

Keep reading. It’ll soon make sense.

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“This is what I do in every area of my life,” Dylan says. “This means, do not wait until everything is perfect to build your business. Do not wait till everything is ready to build your business.”

“You need to start failing fast and pushing things forward.”

“Every day that you wait is money you’re leaving on the table. Done is better than perfect,” she preaches.

“You do not wanna be stopping and starting and pausing and hemming and hawing and thinking and brainstorming with this or any other business for that matter.”

“But Etsy in particular is a great platform for small business owners because you can be very agile and you can move quickly, pivot quickly, test things.”

“They’re paying for a high volume of traffic to their website. That’s a huge asset. Leverage that.”

“So thinking is never a substitute for action when building a business. Don’t think, just do.”

But what does that mean when it comes to Etsy? Well, instead of spending months trying to come up with the perfect product idea, just get listings up and test the waters fast, Dylan suggests.

Look around. What have you made in the past that you could sell? What supplies could you get rid of?

Take some photos with your iPhone and list it already.

No, you don’t need to order a professional DSLR camera and lighting kit and learn how to use Photoshop first.

Nor do you need to take a copywriting course just to be able to type some basic bullet points about what it is you’re trying to sell.

Or go back and forth with a graphic designer for weeks on end trying to come up with the perfect logo for your Shop.

Etsy Millionaire
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Food. In. Oven. Then preheat it to 400°. While it’s warming up and starting to cook, that’s when you’re gonna learn and adjust and improve and make progress, right?

“Even now,” Dylan explains, “I put up listings, I edit, I modify as I go. I’m constantly modifying listings to drive up my average order value and to increase my conversion rates.”

“My $1.3 million in sales started with one product and one listing. So it’s really having that ‘say yes and figure it out’ mentality. It’s gonna get you so much farther in business and on Etsy.”

“If you wait until you think you’ve got it all figured out,” she adds, “you’ve likely waited way too long and left so much money and opportunity on the table.”

“But more importantly, you’ve missed out on thousands of lessons that you would’ve learned about your business, about your customer, about your product mix, if only you would’ve had that ‘say yes, figure it out’ mentality.”

“You are gonna learn so much faster by focusing on actions than thinking. Putting up 100 imperfect listings will crush one perfect listing every time.”

Combine imperfect action with guidance from a top 0.1% Etsy seller, such as Dylan here, and now you’re really cooking with gas.

That’s what her Multi Six Figure Etsy Blueprint and Coaching is for.

She doesn’t say what it costs – just that’s it’s not one of those cheapo $97 courses.

You’re asked to book a call if you’d like to know more.

The only thing I don’t like about Etsy is all their rules. Do this, do that, respond to a customer within X-minutes or else.

Only to change ’em the following week.

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