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Ellis Hammond created a mastermind called The Kingdom REI to help other Kingdom leaders multiply their income and impact through real estate investing.

Believe it or not, Ellis says, it’s actually easier to go bigger in real estate than it is to stay small.

He would know. He went from college pastor to buying more than $100 million in multifamily deals in three short years.

Can I be honest though? So far, this dude seems fake as hell. Is he just using religion to take your money? Let’s explore.

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“Hey friend, however you got to this page, I’m so glad that you’re here,” Ellis starts out in his overview video, basically proving my point.

“I’m a full-time multifamily real estate investor, but my career actually started as a college pastor. Yeah that’s right, I was not in real estate. I don’t have a real estate background. I don’t come from a lot of money. But I wanted to figure out ways to create financial freedom so I could enjoy more of the things in life that I love. Not be so dependent on finances.”

“So I thought real estate was a good vehicle,” he continues.

“Someone told me to get started and buy an asset, so I did that. A duplex and a triplex. And I thought that was the way. But what I learned from the process was that this was not scalable. I was spending all of my nights, all of this ‘free time’ I had away from my family, working on those deals.”

“And so I knew there had to be a better way. Because real estate is a great vehicle.”

Hmm, you know what’s a better vehicle? Selling a real estate mastermind.

Inside Kingdom REI, Ellis wants to show you exactly what he’s done to acquire over $100 milli worth of commercial real estate.

But even that line drives me nuts. Like what does that mean, bro? It’s just the biggest number you could think of? Thought it sounded cool? Or like, if you held every apartment building for 50 years and the market cooperated perfectly, they’d be worth that much? Or your portfolio, right this second, is valued at that much? And even if it is, how much equity do you own?

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I bet very little. And I can almost guarantee I have more money in my bank account than Ellis. Difference is, I don’t introduce myself as a blogger whose words have led to over $100 million in sales. Even though, sure, I could probably claim that too. It’s just that, as an affiliate, my commissions would only be a tiny little sliver of that. So, ya know, to me, that would feel like lying.

Nonetheless, Ellis wants to share with you the “three secrets” he’s learned over the last three years that have helped him “scale with purpose.”

“To where I haven’t had to sacrifice my core values,” he says. “Or time with my family.”

“I get to do the things that I love and actually work on parts of the business that I enjoy. Not being a landlord. Not being a landscaper. Right? Not being a rehab or construction person. But actually doing the parts of the business that really feel within my strengths.”

“I wanna share those things with you as well. And then I’m gonna share with you the community that we have. We have a whole community behind us that is doing the exact same thing. A community that has taken us three years to build. [Wait, but you’ve only been doing real estate three years. So you became a guru on day one? Got it.]”

“You’ll get access to resources, opportunities, and deal flow. I wanna share with you the exact strategies and frameworks that I have used to grow our real estate portfolio. To create financial freedom not just for my family but for other families, ministries, and nonprofits.”

Verdict? It’s a no for me.

You can’t exaggerate, talk in circles, and throw in the word Kingdom and expect me to join your mastermind.

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